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Pct.: Danubian Federation Grunge Flag by khrysophylax 

If we would not have Austria-Hungary, we would have to invent it.

František Palacký,

Czech historian of 19th century


1) Why it is necessary to create Danubian Confederation in central Europe

a) There is several states today in central European area. Each state has its own policy and laws, and the states often contradict one another. Instead of cooperation there is often animosity.

b) Geopolitically, however, is central Europe one area. Central Europe under Habsburgs was not necessary pro-Western, nor pro-Eastern. We had our own politics for benefit of our nations, often in stark condratictions towards Russia, or western allies.

c) This real independence of our nations was possible surely thanks to one central-European powerful Empire of which we were all part known as the Austrian Empire, the Habsburg Empire or later Austria-Hungary.

d) Present geopolitical state of central Europe is unsustainable: our nations are drawn to a war which is not our; morality which is in stark contrast to our 1000 years beliefs; we are occupied by foreign banking system and institutions which de facto own our little clueless states; we have become vassals of the Atlantists, Washington and Bruxelles.

e) Not only our peoples are against these propositions of today’s but these propositions are against our geopolitical interests and even against common sense – for they in worst-case scenarios can lead to our utter destruction in a termonuclear world war! They already lead us to bottomless pit of moral decadence and social deconstruction.

f) Thus, our nations can be literary in mortal threat.

g) It is then absolutely necessary to create a strong union of central-European states – completely independent from Brussels, Washington, Moscow and Wall Street/City of London which would be able to protect our nations; as well as their morality and well being.

h) Such a union of central European states is not only our necessity; it is also the most natural state of things in our area. Imagine Spain separated to ten states. The gravity of their geopolitics would sooner or later draw them together. The same situation is in fact in central Europe.


2) Which states should constitute a new Danubian Confederation and which should be its closest allies

a) Based of history, geopolitics and even common values, the future Danubian Confederation should constitute these states: Austria, Hungary, Czechia, Slovakia, Croatia and Slovenia. I believe that part or at least the closest allies of our family of nations could be even southern catholic states of Germany: especially Bavaria

b) Our closest ally must be especially Poland. Polish nation is strong, conservative, protective, by „body and mind“ central European. However for fully integration to the Danubian Confederation is Poland too big and powerful in itself. On the other side, a „double union“ between Poland and Danubian Confederation could be possible.

c) Another close ally could be in theory also Italy which has very similar values to our own. Discussed also can be our relationship to Ukraine. Western Ukraine is historically Catholic and was even part of ancient Habsburg monarchy.

d) It would be plausible to have some kind of cooperation with other (formerly) catholic nations such as France, Spain and Portugal – if there will be any interest from conservative sides of these great western-European nations.


3) Which political system the Danubian Confederation should have and who should govern it

a) Political system of the Danubian Confederation must not be democracy. Democracy is only a facade for rule of foreign banks and foreign powers to our ancient nations. Democracy brings to central Europe – and Europe in general – only decadence, massive apostasy from one true Faith and dependence on foreign banking and geopolitical systems. Democracy destroyed healthy societies in western European nations and now it tries to do the same to us.

b) Political system of the Danubian Confederation should be based on theories of Integralism. It is modern Catholic political theory which brings the best from medieval Christendom and apply it to society of 21st century (note: Integralism: A Manual of Political Philosophy by T. Crean and A. Fimister).

c) Thus, our ideology will be that of Catholicism. The Danubian Confederation will be an union of states and regions with greater autonomy; it will be state of „throne and altar“ with anointed ruler for life. It will proclaim Christ as eternal King of its realms.

d) Main aim of Danubian Confederation will be protection of its citizens, protection of one holy catholic and apostolic Church, evangelisation of its central European nations and spreading the Faith to other parts of Europe and wider world.

e) Ruler of Danubian Confederation should be a head of the Habsburg house. The Habsburgs are legal heirs of our ancient lands by the Grace of Almighty God. However the head of the family will have to keep one true Catholic Faith or be converted to it. Otherwise, the crown should be offered to next person in succession line who lives in accordance with the true Catholic Faith – for even catholic bishops can not crown a person who is not a Catholic or willingly lives live contrary to Catholic moral teachings.

f) Although its present name can be little confusing, The Danubian Confederation will not be a conglomerate of so-called „confederate states“ as it once was in democracies; the central European states mentioned above as those which should form this „Confederation“ will be instead in a form of „crown lands“. So, perhaps, more proper name could be something like the Union of Danubian crown lands.

g) The heads of the crown lands will be loyal followers of the emperor appointed by him; they will have to be faithful and practising Catholics. Non-Catholics should not be allowed to have any governmental or administrative position in the main body and its crown lands.


4) Road to the Danubian Confederation

a) Revolution is a tool of our enemy; it is based of spirit of Barabbas, who „was insurrectionist“, or even Satan himself sometimes called „the first revolutionary“ for his rebellion against Almighty God.

b) Thus, any kind of revolution, insurrection, uprisings etc. for cause of the Danubian Confederation must be strongly forbidden.

c) The way of Christ is peaceful transition; whatever this term means in real life. Our Lord wants and always has wanted our nations to be baptized, not devastated.

d) However, the social situation in Europe and world is so bad that there exist real possibilities that republicans themselves – or even communists or anarchists – will be able to provoke civil wars, anarchy, insurrections etc. In that case we should indeed fight against these evil men and for the cause of the Danubian Confederation; for the democracy will be no more a cause for faithful Catholics.

e) And indeed there exist lot of Catholic prophecies about a period of civil wars – and even a world war – in Europe which shall begin in France. The victor of the civil war and the world war shall be due to Grace of Almighty God and His sweet Mother a descendant of french kings called „the Great Catholic Monarch“ who shall „restore kingdom in France“ and „uproot all republics of Europe“. He shall also establish a „Holy Roman Empire“.

f) In that case it will be our most lethal duty to help this great man of God in his struggle for he shall later help our cause. When he then establishes the Holy Roman Empire, the Danubian Confederation will be its part; for it shall be the new Christendom. Amen!


5) Further notification

a) Maybe it is the time to start to form an international body or an association which will help to unite our nations to the Danubian Confederation or prepare individuals for tasks lying ahead.

b) Thus, I have sent this Memorandum to various catholic and monarchist organizations in mentioned central European nations and elsewhere.

c) I do not seek for myself any leading position in this process for I am just a 33-years old man of humble backgrounds. I believe that – first of all – individuals of great central European noble houses, which once honestly served our Emperors, should lead the way.

d) However, I fully render my services for the cause of the Danubian Confederation. I will be available on my email m.p.gavlak@gmail.com and I will be glad for any feedback. This document is free to publish anywhere;

Yours sincerely

Matej Gavlák of Slovakia; at Easter of 2023

I have to suffer so much, so that my peoples may come together again…

His majesty, blessed Karl von Habsburg-Lothringen,

our last Emperor and King so far





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