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Central European nations are today small and not very significant. Blessed Karl dreamed about their new unification – and thus creation of a new holy central-european empire.


Three twigs

In Slovakia, which is my country, we have a legend. In 9th century we had a slavic empire called „Great Moravia“ and its most strongest king named Svätopluk. This king when he was on his deathbed, he called his three sons to give them a lesson. He said to them:

Well, boys, here you have three twigs. Try to break them“.

They tried – one after another – without success. Then the king gave them only one twig. First son breaked it. Second son breaked second twig and the third prince the third twig. Svätopluk continued:

You see, boys. If you are united, no one can destroy you. However if you are disunited, you will fall quickly.“

King soon dies, the three sons became his heirs. It was not long when quarrels started. Then hatred and civil war. Great Moravia felt down never to be recovered again.


An empire of small nations

Why I am writing this? Well, nations of (former) Habsburg empire were – and still are – like those twigs. Habsburg empire was once maybe the greatest force on continent. We won great wars against Turks, Napolen and other enemies; we helped to balance european powers – and thus several times literally saved peace; we were the last great wall against all the godless revolutionaries and mafia-bankers hidden behind them.

Habsburg empire was a holy empire, no pope, nor any saint would ever deny that.

But what actually was the Habsburg empire – known also as a Austrian empire, Danubian empire and since 1867 as Austria-Hungary? It was a conglomerate of little central-european nations: Austrians, Hungarians, Czechs, Moravians, Slovaks, Silesians, Croatians, Slovenians; included also parts of Poland, Romania and others. Thus, our empire was absolutely unique for there was no one great nation (as in France, Britain, Poland or Russia) but several equally small nations. Together we were practically a global – and sane! – empire.


Politically the most sane part of Europe

Lots of conservatives around Europe – even around whole world – would agree with me: central Europe is politically still the most sane part of our continent. In Bratislava, I had a friend from France who used to say how great the city is when in the night he has no worry about his safety. There are no no-gone zones in Bratislava, no streets ruled by quasi sharia-law. I saw a muslim pro-gaza protest in our capital – I counted twenty (!) participants and three flags of Gaza. Compare it with London, Paris or Berlin.

Especially Hungary today is a safe haven for conservatives and Christians of Europe. Slovakia and Croatia are still very religious countries. Czechia is still a great engine of central Europe. Present-day czech government is very pro-Brussels/Washington but czech opposition is solidly conservative and nationalist. Austrian government is anti-war and pro-peace wishing to end the prolonged and bloody conflict in Ukraine. Its stand is similar to Hungary´s and Slovakia´s.

So, yeah. Central European states are like one bloc standing against western and eastern destructive economies/policies. But there is one problem: they are disunited like the Svätopluk´s sons.

In practice it means three things:

1) They are not able to push effectively their policies beyond their boundaries

2) In fact, they have great struggles to counter destructive Brussels´ pressure inside their own boundaries

3) Sooner or later they are going to fall to this pressure…

We all know what the „fall“ means: milions of illegal non-european mostly islamic migrants, decadent culture, destroyed national identity – basically end of our small and vulnerable nations as they exist for 1000+ years. This is the game we are playing now. It is dangerous game of survival.


Central Europe needs new Danubian empire

Eduard Habsburg, popular hungarian ambassador to the Holy See, in one interview said about his meeting with Henry Kissinger this:

When I visited him six weeks before he died and brought him my book, he said, “You know, I’m very happy that you give me the book about your family, because I believe that the Habsburgs are the best thing that ever happened to Europe, at least to Central Europe.”

(‘The Habsburg Way’: Lessons for Today, From Openness to Life to How to Die Well| National Catholic Register)

Legendary Winston Churchill in volume 1 of his famous „The Second World War“ memories also pointed that dissolution of the Habsburg empire was an enormous tragedy for central-european nations. Significant are words of czech historian of 19th century František Palacký, who was no friend of the Habsburgs:

If we would not have Austria-Hungary, we would have to invent it.“

The last quote are words of french author Bernard Michel:

Necessary is some kind of revival of central Europe as well as guaranteeing some bonds which bind these states. It is necessery to understand the central Europe as whole and not as some isolated partners.“

His book is titled „La chute de l’empire austro-hongrois“ and is about the short but significant rule of Karl I. better known as Blessed Karl.


Blessed Karl´s dream

Finally, I got to the central point of this essay: the reunification of central Europe was the dream of blessed Karl and not only that – he literaly sacrificed his suffering and death to this! We know that after his forced removal he at least once said that he will „sacrifice himself“ for a great cause. It seems that it was a proposition from God to him which he accepted. He then really suffered great pains and died in youg age of 34 years. So what was this cause? He himslef said it on his deathbed:

I must suffer so much, so my people will come together again.”

(Karl Quotes — Blessed Karl of Austria)

What is he saying about? Who are „his people“ and what should they do? I think that these words are absolutely clear.

His people are we, nations of the central Europe. His is praying for us to God, he sacrificed himself for us (!) so that we could be again united in one holy empire. He, as a good father – what he was, wants only good for us. And he understands that the best thing for his children is to be united against all the evils of this fallen world. It is much the same as king Svätopluk said to his children: „be united, make the good fight together!“ Forming a new holy central-european empire is the only possible way how to save our nations – and maybe rest of Europe! – for next decades.

What more to say? Blessed Karl, the last great head of a state had a dream – a dream which can literary save our very existence. We should start to work to make his dream reality. Polish state, our great friend and neighbour, also did not existed for 150 years but the children of great Jan III. Sobieski never gave up the idea of the restoration. Nor should we, the children of blessed Karl.

Beate Carole, ora pro nobis!

Matej Gavlak

Written in april of 2024 in Bratislava.


P.S.: I have already put down several point is my Memorandum on necessity to create a Danubian Confederation for central European nations

P.S.2: This material is free to share for anybody. Just, please, do not forget to mention the author. Thanks.

P.S.3: In case you would want to contact me: m.p.gavlak@gmail.com

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